3. Justice, social structures, social cohesion, vulnerable groups.

Peace does not depend solely on the individual but also on the participation of institutions and structures. Many of these structures themselves generate injustice, oppression and slavery.

Most of the existing structures met the demands of previous centuries, in situations where it was relatively easy to maintain a social balance because diversity was smaller. Now we have to open or vary these structures to fit new values, parameters, paradigms etc. The world became global and many of our structures have failed to integrate this new variant.

Peace will not be possible if there is no social, economic and political justice in the world. The asymmetric distribution of wealth creates instability and resentment. Therefore, pacification of the world depends on the effective practice of justice, the vindication of the dignity of vulnerable groups and the elimination of structural violence.

Unjust structures have to become peace-building structures. In what will they Where do we base them? How do we move from one state to another?

How do we build new structures that are valid and respond to these new needs?