International Congress "Building Peace in the 21st century» Barcelona | April 2012
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International Congress Building Peace in the 21st century Barcelona | April 2012
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The task of research and dialogue began in April 2011 with the meetings of the Expert Working Groups. Six groups, each one with a central theme, have been closely researching and pondering the challenges of this Congress - exploring possible solutions for the construction of peace
During the congress, there will be two working sessions of the expert groups together with the Keynote Speakers.
These six Expert Groups will work in conjunction with the six Congress Keynote Speakers and the entities that present papers at the Congress.
It is possible to follow the preparatory research work and to interact with the Expert Working Groups in the year prior to the Congress through the website.
The Congress is being organized by the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN Foundation, in conjunction with the University of Barcelona. It is an initiative of civil society and academia.
The Congress conclusions will be delivered to the Secretary General of the UN.
The Congress has an international dimension and integral to its core are the contributions of the Albertiana Universitas Peace Institutes, located on different continents.
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The contents will be articulated through six key themes inspired by the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN. It will alternate academic content with the presentation of good practice of the construction of peace. With the slogan, “There’s nothing more practical than a good theory” in the specific theme of the construction of peace, it promotes a meeting of civil society and the academic world
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